Twister Cake Bakery

Twister Cakes Bakery is a family owned and operated, mobile bakery since 2010. We freshly bake our cakes around New York City, using an authentic, generations old, Transylvanian recipe.

Twister Cakes, known as Chimney Cakes in English, Kürtöskalács in Hungarian, and Trdelník in Chech are a four hundred years old sweet treats from Transylvania, Romania. Our founder, Radu learned to bake them from his grandmother. We make our dough from scratch, with only seven fresh ingredients. After the dough rises, we hand roll the cakes, dip them in sugar, and bake them over a fire pit until the perfect caramel color is reached. We then sprinkle them with the toppings and spreads of your choice. The result is a cylindrical shaped, hollow cake, with a soft and doughy inside, and a crisp and sweet outside. 

We bake at various locations and events around NYC, as well as at private events and parties. 

Try any of our delicious varieties and experience the sweet taste of Transylvania.

Schedule of Events and Mobile Locations: 

May 19th, 2018 Queens International Night Market 6PM-Midnight
May 20th, 2018

Romanian Festival on Broadway 10AM-6PM

Broadway & Fulton Street, NY, NY

May 26th  Queens International Night Market 6PM-Midnight
May 27th Grand Bazaar NYC 10AM-5:30PM
June 2nd, 2018

43rd Annual Hungarian Festival, New Brunswick NJ 


June 3rd, 2018 Grand Bazaar NYC 10AM-5:30PM





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