About Us

Radu Sirbu baking cakesTwister Cake is a mobile bakery of the famous Kurtos Kalacs. We are using the freshest ingredients and a family recipe and tradition in baking our cakes. We are a family owned and operated business since 2010. Because of high demand we decided to sell our delicious cakes online, while we're working on opening a store front. We bake and ship from Queens, NY. Each cake is freshly made per order and sealed for freshness. In 2018 we've been nominated as Dessert Finalists at the Vendy Awards.
We participate in pop-ups and outdoor markets from April - November each year. We are baking all summer long on Saturday nights at Queens Night Market, at the Romanian Festival on Broadway, the Hungarian Festival of New Brunswick, NJ, and at local food festivals in NYC and the Tri State Area. 
In 2020, because of Novel Coronavirus, all our events were canceled and this gave us time to bake and improve our menu. We now proudly serve traditional Romanian desserts, childhood’s favorite cakes & savory treats. The feedback has been amazing and we are adding new menu items almost weekly. We deliver in New York City, all boroughs and ship nationwide all year long. 
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Radu & Diana 


Meet the Founder, Radu:

Born & raised in Transylvania, Romania, Radu learned to bake the cakes from his grandmother. When he could't find his favorite childhood cakes anywhere in NY, he decided to open his own bakery and bake them for NY-ers and chimney cakes enthusiasts all over the USA. He uses the same dough recipe his grandmother taught him! Next time you visit us, come and say hi to Radu and the team! 



What are Twister Cakes:

Twister Cakes, also known as Kurtos Kalacs in Romania or as Chimney Cakes, are an ancient Transylvanian treat that dates back to the 15th century. The cakes were usually prepared during special occasions like christening and weddings, but here in NY, we bake them every day! Strips of sweet dough are wrapped around wooden cylinders, rolled in sugar and baked. Traditionally the cakes were made and cooked on an open fire, over charcoal. Today, they are roasted in modern stainless steel rotisseries. When the twister cakes reach a dark caramel color they are dipped in different toppings like walnut, cinnamon, coconut, nutella, chocolate sprinkles and even bacon, or eaten unadorned. The perfect twister cake has a crispy caramelized crust but it is warm and fluffy on the inside. 


We use the freshest ingredients when baking our twister cakes: flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, butter, salt, vanilla & lots of love. 

Please be advised that Twister Cake is not a nut free facility